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What is Spot Colour Pantone® Printing?


  • Litho printing enables traditional wet inks to be mixed creating a vast range of colours that then are printed as a solid colour or ‘spot colour’. This is also referred to as Pantone Colour Matching® [PMS].
  • Spot colour litho printing produces sharper, brighter & more vibrant colours.
  • Our spot colour letterheads will give you the most accurate & consistent colour reproduction when compared to digital printing.
  • When your company logo incorporates a specific colour, we can accurately match it.
  • Pantone® is the universal colour matching system that can help achieve 100% accuracy and produce the best printing results.
  • Spot colours are difficult to replicate on digital printers & not all colours can be achieved using four colour toner. 
  • Spot colour printing also helps to achieve more creative finishes - including gold & silver metallic inks.


Why Litho Print Pantone® Spot Colour? 

  • Spot colours tend to be used on corporate materials where brand identity is critical - for example; letterheadings, company brochures, business cards, catalogues and all company stationery.
  •  Litho printed spot colour will give you the best colour reproduction compared to digital toner printing.
  • When you’re looking to achieve the exact same colour across a range of different types of paper/coatings etc., litho printing spot colour is a more reliable way of achieving this.
  • It is faster & more economical to litho print medium & longer print-runs.
  • Litho printed letterheads can be digitally overprinted on your in-house laser printers.
  • As toner sits on the surface of paper, digital print is not suitable for all paper types particularly textured papers.
  • ‘Hairline register’ can be achieved - every sheet is accurately printed in the same position within fractions of a millimeter. This can sometimes be an issue with digital printing.
  • Consistent colour reproduction on future print-runs.



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